Time Scale Placement of Joint Secretaries. (15/06/2019 )
Printing of prestigious and important publications (14/06/2019 )
Resumption of duties by Mrs. Bhavna Tanwar Bhadoria (14/06/2019 )
Cancellation of encashment of EL - Shri Kushal Sarkar, Director (13/06/2019 )
Supply of copies of Books and other publications published by various Divisions/Branches/Sections of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Secretariats to the Parliament Library (Acquisition Section). (13/06/2019 )
Maintenance of Computer Hardware by various Branches of Lok Sabha Secretariat. (13/06/2019 )
Issue of Form 16/16A and Filing of 'Income Tax Return' for the Financial Year 2018-2019 (Assessment Year 2019-2020). (13/06/2019 )
Sad demise of Shri Om Prakash-VII, Senior Chamber Attendant (12/06/2019 )
Division of work amongst Officers-LAFEAS (12/06/2019 )
Temporary Posting/transfer (12/06/2019 )
Rehearsal of the arrangements for the President's Address. (12/06/2019 )
Duty Roster of Computer and Network Engineers for repair and maintenance of Computer Hardware, Internet, LAN and Wi-Fi during 1st session of 17th Lok Sabha. (12/06/2019 )
Change of name of Ms. Madhvi Bisht, Stenographer (12/06/2019 )
Discontinuation of procedure of Non-Government deductions from the salary (12/06/2019 )
Offer of Type- VA flat from the Priority List-2019. (12/06/2019 )
Offer of Type- VA Flat from the Change List (12/06/2019 )
Party position in Lok Sabha. (12/06/2019 )
Termination of engagement as Consultant (Shri Deepak Chopra) (11/06/2019 )
Rehearsal of the arrangements to be made in Parliament House Complex in connection with sittings of the 1st Session of Seventeenth Lok Sabha. (11/06/2019 )
Encashment of Earned Leave along with LTC (04 persons) (11/06/2019 )
Parking arrangements for staff in c/w the VVIP meeting in PHA Extension. (11/06/2019 )
Contingency Drills in Parliament House Complex to be conducted on 13.06.2019 on Lok Sabha Intranet. (11/06/2019 )
Allotment of type-I quarters (11/06/2019 )
Offer of Type- III quarter from the Change List. (11/06/2019 )